Stefan Grand Prix Press Conference



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2 responses to “Stefan Grand Prix Press Conference

  1. Milos

    This is interesting to read:
    It reveals some unknown facts about Mr. Stefanovic and his previous involvement in F1.
    If you need help with translation please contact me.

    • Alex

      It would be a great to have a translation. I’m near Serbia and my father speaks Serbian but he works a lot he has not time to help me with the translation. It should have learned Serbian when I was little but…we all know how interested are kids in learning-most certain in the future.
      Some Formula One fans still say that the Stefan project is a very strange one. One of their reasons was the red car on the background of the Stefan official website which they claimed was stolen from the Rfactor game.
      I think it’s useless to give so many details and then to not be accepted or to do something like USF1.
      I know of 5 bids know but heard that there are 13(Durango, Cypher,Stefan, AndersonF1 and Epsilon Euskadi). From this 5 I think the finale is between Stefan and Epsilon with Stefan having more chances because a Spanish team was granted last year. Still…who are the other 8 mysterious bids?

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