Stefan Grand Prix’s unraced car

TF110 in Serbian Red

Is this the car that Stefan Grand Prix could have been racing in the 2010 Formula One World Championship?

Details have emerged from Racecar Engineering magazine of Toyota’s abandoned 2010 race car which was tested recently in the factory’s car park by Kazuki Nakajima.

Two chassis were build, one decked out in Serbian red which was intended to be used by Stefan GP, and the other in sleek black.

From the photos, it looks like this car was very advance, modelling the most a complex and highly sculptured diffuser and boasting a ride height adjustment device.


But perhaps such design, engineering and manufacturing mastery should be taken with a pinch of salt when remembering Toyota’s track record in the formula. However complex the front wing looks (and indeed it does!) with the Red Bull moulding of the nose cone, it certainly looks an incredible leap from their 2009 effort.

It’s uncertain if this car, or indeed a 2011 spec development of this car will ever take part in a competitive environment, or whether, like many projects before, this will be preserved as a museum piece.


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