Wikipedia – To be, or not to be…believed…

Well, never to be believed, without a reference aleast. So, once again, the hollow ring of wikipedia is tolling out across the internet highway with this rather bold statement.

“It is now confirmed that StefanGP did apply for an 2011 entry. Their plan is to have Canadian Jacques Villeneuve test the car for them during 2010 while it is reported that Villeneuve will races in other series for the remainder of the year.”

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. And the reference?? Well, for this part of the story, there isn’t one. It only goes back to the Autosport story regarding the separation between Stefan GP and Toyota.

So, who wrote this? Anyone out there know? Investigations are afoot. Any information anyone has, let us know!

In the meantime, lets hope that Stefan Grand Prix’s enterprise of great pitch has not turned awry and lost its name of action…


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One response to “Wikipedia – To be, or not to be…believed…

  1. Andrew

    I’ve put a [citation needed] on it.

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