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Stefan GP confirm 2011 entry (plus new website!)

Zoran Stefanovic (right)

News earlier this evening confirmed that Stefan Grand Prix, led by Zoran Stefanovic, have lodged an official entry to the FIA for the team to compete in the 2011 Formula One Season as well as plans to build a technology centre and an F1 standard track.

As official anouncement read on their new website as follows;

“STEFAN GP would like to make a public announcement that the AMCO Corporation and its owner Zoran Stefanovic have today signed an agreement with the Mayor of Stara Pazova, located 25km from Belgrade , Serbia , to build the STEFAN TECHNOLOGY PARK . This will include a racing circuit suitable for the competition of Formula One, and a technical complex that will serve as STEFAN GRAND PRIX’s team headquarters upon completion in two years time.

“I think this is an excellent development for our team, Stara Pazova city, region and country,” Mr Stefanovic said today. “This is proof that we want to put ourselves on the map as a serious hi-tech company, and that we are serious about competing in Formula One for the long term.”

As well as this announcement, it would appear that the team have put a lot of effort to rebuke the critics of its simplistic websites. Us fans now have a plethora of extra sections, photos and announcements to keep us busy and entertained. Plus a new logo. (Darn..a redesign for me then!)

Who's missing...? (Bravo Mr. Stefanovic)

Also, a picture over the headline “Stefan GP Team”, there seems to been some good work from the Photoshop man in editing out Mike Coughlan. (Opinion: Good Move!)

So, after this rather exciting evening, I’ll leave you with the words of Mr. Stefanovic.

“A great man by the name of Sir Winston Churchill once said something that I try to implant into the minds of the people in my team. It’s something along the lines of: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! In the last almost 12 months you were all witnesses of the fact that I strongly stand behind my beliefs.

I still believe that F1 would be a much more interesting competition with SGP, and my team and I feel like the battle is just starting. We want to be a part of F1 for both the long and short term future, and I hope that we will finally have the success we deserve.

This quality is shared by every person who has changed the world. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! Thank you for supporting us, and I hope to see you at GP soon!

Best Regards, Zoran Stefanovic”

As ever…Go Stefan GP!


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