Stefan GP Championship

The Return of Lotus

With all of the disparaging remarks regarding the new teams, here at the Stefan Grand Prix Blog, we are giving them our full support as our dear beloved Stefan GP was going to be among the crop.

With this, we’d thought we’d make it a little interesting and a little more fun by running a mini championship of our own for the new F1 boys. Nothing serious, just a little bit of harmless fun.


As there are only six new cars, therefore we can use the obsolete points system that was dismantled several years ago.

1st = 10pts

2nd = 6pts

3rd = 4pts

4th = 3pts

5th = 2pts

6th = 1pt

Fastest lap of the six cars = 1pt

Progression to Q2 = 1pt

Progression to Q3 = 1pt

So, who’s your money on to win the inaugural Stefan GP Championship? This author has a bit of a soft spot for Lotus F1, although the driver line-up could be a little more inspiring.

I’ll be assessing the chances of Lotus, Virgin & HRT in the coming days in anticipation of the weekends action. In the meantime, some more Stefan GP announcements are coming.


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