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After a rather quiet few days from the Stefan GP blog because of the disappointing news of the FIA neglecting to admit the Serbian Team to race in 2010, and due to the site authors  illness, I thought it was about time to get an update as to what is going on in the Stefan GP world.

Stefan GP Trucks

On Friday, the Cologne Express reported that certain facts on the AMCO website were incorrect regarding a claim by the company that it has manufactured ” for the Ariane 5 rocket and flying drones of the Bundeswehr.” under the headline “Toyota Saviour is an Imposter.”

The newspaper then revealed it had contacted the manufacturers who denied the claims that AMCO had anything to do with the projects.

“After consulting with the system manufacturers of the drones KZO and LUNA we can confirm that in the Bundeswehr product there are no technologies of the Serbian company AMCO,” said a spokesman of the German defence department Bundesamtes fur Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung. “Moreover, the manufacturers Rheinmetall Defense Electronics and Schrick said they are not aware of AMCO as a manufacturer of military technology.”

Perhaps the biggest claim the Cologne Express published was the picture of Mr. Stefanovic with the words “See pictures of the imposter.”

Further financial implications came to light when certain reports investigated the Serbian Company Registrar claiming the company is less than it seems. If you can make head-nor-tail of it without putting it through the Google Translation, please, let me know. It is also curious that no major journalists or other reporters have picked up on this story, even after a week of doing the rounds.

On the 5th of March, Stefan Grand Prix then posted a denial/dementi to these reports, stating;

“On behalf of the AMCO Corporation we would like to make the following statement:

“The German newspapers Express published an article that is not founded on facts but on speculation and bad translation.

“The AMCO Corporation never stated anywhere that “it cooperated with the German Federal Defense Forces (Bundeswehr) on a production of an unmanned aircraft”. The correct information is that one of our engineers was involved in a construction of an engine for a German company, the buyer, which turned out to be for an unmanned aircraft. We never stated nor did we ever imply that we worked with Bundeswehr in any form or way. Furthermore we have no idea how we were brought in context with the other German companies with whom we had no contacts at all. Illustration about capabilities of our personnel in Serbia was misunderstood and maliciously used for sensationalist journalism. Such construction of facts can only be aimed to discredit us and all the others mentioned.

“On the other hand, our people should be recognized for producing parts for the ARIANE V rocket, seven years ago by our company in Serbia. We are very proud of this fact.

“The demanti have been published in the German media.”

Meanwhile, on the 6th of March, Arianespace, the company that manufacturers  the Ariane rocket denied any claims from AMCO. “After careful review of all supplier lists, we cannot establish any link of our organization with the Serbian company AMCO. It has nothing to do with the success of Ariane 5 project, nor generally with us as the world leader in the field of launch service providers.”

And still, one week on from the FIA announcing the official 2010 grid, there is no reaction from the team. No, questions demanding that “somebody should be in a trouble explaining what is happening to all of us.

We await…



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3 responses to “Stefan Grand Prix News and Updates

  1. Milos

    I am going through a hell after reading all of this. Too many questions…Is this company a real one? I mean there is easy way to find out if this company really exists. I live in Belgrade, I should go to that address… Or should I?… I can not emagine my dissapointment if there is nothing on that address, after all those days of expectations and waiting for good news. And why do they use .st domain instead of .rs? That site does not look professional for someone who is manufacturing parts for spaceships, is it?

  2. stefano

    Hi,I’m a Ferrari’ supporter and I’m very interested about the Stefan Gp’s hope for the F1 Championship 2011(the 2010 is gone).I think that the Stefan Gp had the possibility to enter as 13th (or 14th) team in F1 but the Fia have denied it,unfortunately.I was curious to see the Toyota’s project 2010 (now Stefan Gp).I hope for the Stefan Gp to enter in 2011 in F1 and I will wait the car presentation.Good Luck.

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