The World Awaits while USF1 shutsdown

Missing in action - Peter Windsor & Ken Anderson

As the world awaits the launch of Stefan Grand Prix’s Serbian Red cars in Cologne today, news reports announced that USF1 has closed its factory and put its staff on unpaid leave, effectively wrapping up an operation that was sinking fast. It would now appear to have rested in the mire at the bottom of the cesspool where it belongs.

The most damning statement of Autosports reports is as follows. “It is understood that neither Anderson nor Windsor were present at the factory while the announcement was made, and neither was available for comment about the latest situation.” Both clearly too ashamed of their actions to have any balls to tell the staff face to face that they were responsible for their staff being unemployed.

The F1 community is NOT angry at the good, honest, hard-working staff at the Charlotte factory, who were taken for a ride. We are all angry at the incompetence of the two monkeys running the show.

There's nothing to smile about anymore boys...

I will repeat what I said here “It’s an interesting read, given the fact that all of the stories hitting the headlines about the people most affected by this being Argentinian driver Jose Maria Lopez and the reputations of Anderson and Windsor. But many people have forgotten about the regular employees of the team, working back as base who, by all appearances from this article, are very jacked off about being lied to regarding the finer details of the teams finances and progress. Given the fact they all admitted they felt the team would not make Bahrain, the insider does not reveal that they have given up hope of the team surviving. In the world’s recession hit state, they have no other option but the keep working as hard as they can or they lose their jobs.

“If this is the case and 60+ people are made redundant due to the incompetence of Anderson and Windsor, this blog writer will put what little money he has on the fact that both men will walk away from this shambles and carry on their lives as normal. But for the ordinary working men and women at the USF1 factory, they’ll be at the unemployment office (or it’s US equivalent) claiming their benefits cheques while re-mortgaging their houses just to pay for their children’s school lunches.”


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