Is The Stefan GP Dream Over?

FIA - Acronyms Welcome...

Tonight, the FIA announced the official 2010 Formula One World Championship entry list with two notable absences. That of USF1 and Stefan GP.

The FIA press release states;

“The USF1 Team have indicated that they will not be in a position to participate in the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship. Having considered the various options, the FIA confirms that it is not possible for a replacement team to be entered for the Championship at this late stage.

In the coming days the FIA will announce details of a new selection process to identify candidates to fill any vacancies existing at the start of the 2011 season.”

This is the clearest indication yet that Mr. Stefanovic’s efforts were all in vain and the decision makers at the FIA were not big enough to accept the responsibility of their mistake by letting two monkey’s fool and deceive the watching F1 world over accepting the entry of a hard-working Serbian businessman. Why we all have to wait for a year before we can see the Serbian Red cars competing and racing for points this year is beyond this site author. Mr. Stefanovic and his cars are ready to compete today. There are freights waiting for the team at the first four events and two eager drivers ready to go. Alas, it was the FIA’s wrong decision to grant USF1 an entry to the 2010 grid and once again, the FIA have made the wrong decision not to let Stefan GP take over that slot. Is it any wonder why all us F1 fans have lost faith in the governing ability? No…not really.

So…is this story really over? Will Stefan GP be left out to dry? And could it be…was Eddie Jordan, for once, wrong?

Is the dream over? Knowing Mr. Stefanovic’s determination over these last few months, this author says more with his heart than head…no.



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4 responses to “Is The Stefan GP Dream Over?

  1. Milos

    I really, really, really hope it is not yet finished.

  2. Gupta Stefan

    I am really disappointented, I had bought a red hat and was going to wear it watching grand prixs. I even changed my name to Stefan to show my dedication. I keep thinking to myself that Eddie is right and will hope and clutch my lucky stone that Stefan GP turns up and races in the Bahrain GP. Someone needs to challenge that one eyed pirate.

  3. Gupta HRT... ?

    Gupta Ste -fan sounds like you were a real Stefan GP Fanboy in waiting, let me guess have you changed your surname also to xbox360 ? For me there is only one question to be answered – what is in that create that was shipped to Bahrain?? suggestions ?
    Someone needs to challenge that one eyed pirate.

  4. Lothar Math

    The most entertaining site I have come across in quite a time. Keep up the o so cleverly disguised propaganda effort! At this rate you will be Leyton-House proteges in no time. We are all behind you whoever you are, we are all behind you!

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