“Bye Bye USF1” say Bernie Ecclestone

"It would be great if he were there." - Bernie Ecclestone

Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport (use Google’s excellent translator if you’re German isn’t up to much), Bernie Ecclestone said that USF1’s request to defer their entry to 2011 has been denied.

“Bye Bye USF1” were Mr. Ecclestone’s exact words as he went on to say that both he and the FIA have rejected the Charlotte based teams plea.

Regarding Stefan GP, Mr Ecclestone said “An invitation to take ten days before the season makes little sense. As far I know,  Stefan GP might  drive in Bahrain. Yet we must not believe everything which is related. We do not want it to turn out later as the opposite. Therefore, the FIA will conduct a business review but  they were positive and Stefan GP may get off the line in Bahrain.”

Clearly indicating that the FIA is doing a full financial review of Stefan Grand Prix’s accounts.

Regarding the reports that the FIA must get an agreement from the other 12 teams competing in the 2010 season, Mr Ecclestone said these was false. “This has nothing to do with the teams. It is entirely up to the FIA to say yes or no.”

The Auto Motor und Sport article concludes that the FIA will release the 13th grid slot and hand it over to Stefan GP rather than getting involved in USF1’s “empty promises.” With a green light from the FIA, Stefan GP can go ahead and race with Kazuki Nakajima and Jacques Villeneuve. Regarding the former World Champions presence at Bahrain, Mr Ecclestone said “It would be great if he could be there.”



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3 responses to ““Bye Bye USF1” say Bernie Ecclestone

  1. Milos

    Have you heard what Felipe McGough, Manager of José María López, said:
    “The main culprit of all this is Ken Anderson,” McGough explained to Argentina’s FOX Sports. “These people fooled the FIA (F1 governing body), FOTA and all the teams, FOM (F1 commercial rights holder), all the employees they hired, ‘Pechito’ López and (ex F2 driver) Miloš Pavlović, the other driver they had signed to be in the project.”
    What a disappointment for all us Serbian F1 fans.

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