A Few Things Before We Continue…

Hello to all of the newcomers to the Stefan Grand Prix Blog. After yesterday’s explosive news, there are a few things I would like to clear up.

1. No, this is not an offical blog. I am merely a fan fascinated by the sheer determination of one man. Mr. Stefanovic. A man with such drive and passion that even without a grid slot, he was willing to continue the progress of his team to such a point that he now has two working cars with a former world champion driving one of them. The passion and determination shown by Mr. Stefanovic’s character is to be greatly admired and it is something the Stefan Grand Prix Blog author is missing from his.

This site was set up as a filter for all of the Stefan Grand Prix news in the hope that I could merely filter out all of the nonsense and place all of the news items onto one site, allowing a simple timeline of events. (Ok, I’m probably contributing to the nonsense, but we’ll come onto that later…) It’s only meant as a bit of fun and to flex my writing muscle.

2. I am just a fan. The first Grand Prix I ever watched was the 1989 San Marino Grand Prix from Imola, remembered for Gerhard Berger’s fiery accident. As a five year old, the nature of the accident and the fact that the name Berger is amusing to a child that age, it was no surprise that I was his number one fan until he retired in 1997.

3. Perhaps I jumped the gun yesterday in announcing that Jacques has signed for Stefan Grand Prix. I only did that as I have  previously been saying that Jacques would not sign for the team unless he was certain they were to race in 2010. My posting was presumably caused by the weakness of spending the afternoon in a hospital moving from room to room, walking corridor to corridor with the conclusion being the diagnosis of a tumour. Operable, but further tests needed in case of spreading. In my post diagnosis trauma, coming home and finding a comment from “Zoran Stefanovic” and a genuine address (that’s what you see from this side of the blog) it was easy to understand that I thought the world wasn’t such a bad place afterall.

Here’s a brief timeline of the Stefan Grand Prix Blog author’s 2nd of March;

8am-1.30pm Work & Post Blog

1pm-3pm Hospital tests

3pm-3.30pm Trapse across city to another hospital

3.30pm 6pm More tests

6.00pm – 6.01pm Tumour diagnosis

6.01pm 6.30pm Discussion of operation and spreading fact finding.

6.30pm-7pm Long walk home

7pm-8pm Sound of sobbing from other end of several phone conversations

8pm -8.01pm “Mr. Stefanovic has commented! Wow! It can’t be all that bad”

8.01-8.30pm Write new blog

8.30pm – 12pm Spend time in company of friends with beers and pizzas

12pm Realise the world has imploded after blog post and blatant advertising! Probably a mistake to assume the comment was real. Oh dear. I’ll look a fool tomorrow…

So, there it is then. Foolishness probably on my part for assuming the world was actually a fairly decent place. And sleepless night behind me and a weary day ahead.

In conclusion, The Stefan Grand Prix Blog says; MEN: Check your testicles. WOMEN: Check your breasts.

“-But tomorrow will come

with hope, it’s little child.

And I’ll walk in my friendly streets

past the small front gardens,

looking at the sooty snowdrops

and the fool’s gold

of daffodils.” – Norman McCaig A Man and his Dreams.

P.S. Oh, and finally before I go, in response to “I don’t think this site belongs to StefanGP, there’s no such new on stefangp.com”

VAR1016 writes  “Well, I couldn’t say but certainly the English is just as shaky!”

Thanks…I’m trying my best…



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8 responses to “A Few Things Before We Continue…

  1. jose

    I hope you get better. I am a little older than you, so my first race was 1984 portuguese gp. I remember the 1989 accident very well, here in spain i was bying autosprint, the italian magazine and i got a very good info after the accident. I saw the french gp at paul ricard that year. Total mclaren domination, and a clear robbery to senna at the end.

  2. Christoph


    I wish you all the best!!!

  3. Violetta

    Combatti la tua battaglia come Stefan GP combatte la sua… sempre a testa alta e con speranza incrollabile.

    Ti auguro il meglio del meglio =)

  4. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

    Good luck


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