The World Awaits

A rather slow news day today as the world awaits the Stefan Grand Prix launch tomorrow morning. Today is also the day where Stefan Grand Prix are to fire up their second car, although there has been no word from the team if this has been successful or not.

Jacques Villeneuve was in Cologne yesterday for his seat fitting which indicates that he is very confident of the teams 2010 grid slot. A man of Jacques’ experience would never have gone this far with the team unless they were guaranteed to race in Bahrain in less than two weeks time.

USF1 Car

This writer believes that news from the FIA is imminent either later this evening or early tomorrow morning regarding USF1’s entry. With the American team asking for a deferral, we must assume that their request to miss the first four races has fallen on deaf ears. With this request, it can be safely be assumed that the Charlotte based have all but siaid that they have no chance of making a decent car for 2010. A shame really as the picture here shows a clearly well designed car, backing up the insiders story that Ken Anderson was holding up the manufacture stage rather than waiting for the designers to come up with anything.

It was reported yesterday that as early as December, USF1 had signed British racer James Rossiter who had allegedly  brought in $8million of sponsorship to the team. Combine this with Lopez’s $8million and money pumped in by Chad Hurley, the excuse of money being an issue will clearly not wash with the FIA. Rossiter has done the sensible thing and has signed to drive in the IndyCar series for KVRT.

Finally, it would appear that Bruno Senna’s seat in the new Campos Meta team is safe after he managed to raise some sponsorship money from his home country of Brazil. Autosport is reporting that Jose Maria Lopez will be the reserve driver for the team.



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2 responses to “The World Awaits

  1. stefanovic

    “A man of Jacques’ experience would never have gone this far with the team unless they were guaranteed to race in Bahrain in less than two weeks time.”

    Actually he did. Even without any compensation.

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