Jacques Villeneuve Signs For Stefan GP

Jacques Villeneuve Signs for Stefan GP

Jacques Villeneuve has signed to drive for Stefan Grand Prix in 2010. In a comment on the last story on this site, Mr. Stefanovic responded to an article I wrote stating “A man of Jacques’ experience would never have gone this far with the team unless they were guaranteed to race in Bahrain in less than two weeks time.”

To which he responded “Actually he did. Even without any compensation.”

This is excellent news for a new team like Stefan Grand Prix. To have someone on board who knows hows to win races and championships. There will be questions asked about Jacques sharpness and recent topline racing experience, but the old adage that all former champions say is,

“Once you have it, you never loose it.”

The same questions have been raised about Michael Schumacher but he has not continued racing in other categories like Jacques has. Those who remember Jacques racing mind and aggressive approach to racing are all excited and delighted that he has signed for Stefan Grand Prix. (You can tell that this writer has a soft spot for Mr. Villeneuve!)

All eyes are now ready for the launch tomorrow to see those Serbian Red cars and for the FIA to get it’s house in order.

NOTE: Oh, and yes, it was Mr. Stefanovic. The REAL one.



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16 responses to “Jacques Villeneuve Signs For Stefan GP

  1. Milos

    GREAT, REALLY GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Milos

    …Just do not know what to think?…After reading this article: http://formula-one.speedtv.com/article/f1-game-over-at-usf1/…I honestly hope that tomorrow is indeed the D day……

  3. Guy

    Does that means that the FIA provided an entry to Stefan GP?


  4. Quite a scoop this.

    Funny it hasn’t been reported anywhere else…

  5. Milos

    I need an opinion. If the delay of USF1 2010 entry is officially requested, does this mean that a team place for 2010. remains empty, and frozen, so it can not be sold or transferred to another team?

  6. WillieMillie

    Don’t jerk me around now. It’s true right!

  7. Steve

    Awesome!!! We have been waiting for such a long time for this great news. Go JV Go.

  8. Sasa

    Srecno momci, napravili ste fantastican posao do sada. Puno srece u Bahreinu!

  9. Paul A M

    Big congrats to Stefan GP and to Jacques, hope to see you in Bharain.

    WHAT A SEASON 2010 WILL BE 5 world CHAMPIONS come back KIMI

  10. John

    Wait just a minute. Stefan GP has cars, drivers and NO FIA entry.

    How can they just hand over an entry without using their typical tender process?

    What will Lola or Prodrive say to this new found entry?

  11. John

    Or maybe Epsilon Euskadi would have something to say?

  12. AlexB

    Primarily I’m a Mercedes fan, but close behind comes already SGP. I really hope they make it, they showed dedication and guts, against all odds. And they would even give us back Jaques Villeneuve, wheras USF1 only had pay drivers.

    USF1 got an entry and they miserably failed. FIA should be ashamed if they continue to deny SGP a slot, they really deserve it!

  13. Max

    great move go JV go!

  14. Congratulations!!!!!!!
    New development is expected
    from Far Eastern Japan.

  15. sygnm

    New biggest development is expected
    from Far Eastern Japan.

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