Anderson & Windsor block Stefan GP merger (plus an editorial)

Anderson & Windsor. Only kidding themselves...

In an interview with, Zoran Stefanovic laid the blame for the collapse of the merger talks between himself, Chad Hurley and the USF1 outfit clearly at the feet of Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor.

Mr Stefanovic said “The negotiations broke off at noon on Thursday. This was not due to Chad Hurley, but other investors of the American team who have sabotaged this plan. ”

With Chad Hurley seemingly eager to strike a deal to save the ailing team, (he was negotiating with Campos Meta last week), the only other people who would have had any say in the matter would have been Anderson and Windsor, who both own the USF1 grid slots. This is the reason for Friday nights press release, attacking the “dreamers from the USA [who] will have to explain their actions, because they are deliberately weakening F1 with dreaming of perfect world and fairytales about success.”

A source close to Adam Cooper says “There is stuff going on between Stefan and US F1. Whether it happens or not… It’s quite complicated. I think you’ll find at the moment that the likes of Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor are trying to block it. That seems to be the stumbling block. If that was clear I think you’ll find that Chad Hurley would reach an agreement with Stefan almost immediately. You don’t know what Anderson and Windsor are telling Chad. They are the guys who are preventing anything from going forward.”

With Peter Windsor not seen at the Charlotte factory for days, he clearly must be stirring the pot from afar and with Anderson, deluding themselves that they will make the 2010 grid. There has still been no word from the FIA regarding Charlie Whiting’s report, or whether the request from USF1 to miss the first 4 races has been accepted.

Chad Hurley - No more faith is USF1 going it alone

With Chad Hurley have failed to negotiate a merger with the new Campos buyers and now failing with Stefan GP, this must read as a pretty good indicator that he has lost faith in the idea that USF1 can make it to the gird by going it alone. By trying to merge with two teams can only seem like an act of desperation for a man who wants a piece of the Formula One action.

So, where does this leave Stefan GP and the rest of us wondering what’s going on? Well, I don’t think we’ve actually learnt anything new here. Stefan GP are still without a grid slot and are not going to be racing in Bahrain in 2 weeks time. And that is the key figure. 2 WEEKS. This has to be resolved by the middle of next week otherwise the disaster that is already unfolding in front of our eyes will snowball into something the sport can do without.

The sport that we all love unsurprisingly is picking into it’s flesh with a hacksaw while the outside world, who doesn’t know the slightest thing about F1, can stand on the sidelines and laugh at the internal politics that all fans loath. Why is it that our sport does this to itself as if it is normal every day business?

And why do we still watch it? Because we all live in hope that the sport we love will actually turn into something that does not have politics and bickering interfering with cut-and-thrust racing we want to watch and the pinnacle of engineering development. One day, maybe in our lifetime…


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