Sources tell BBC Stefan GP will take over USF1 grid slot

Zoran Stefanovic

Sources have told the BBC that Stefan Grand Prix are certain to take over the grid slot of USF1, should they be thrown out of the 2010 Formula One championship.

An update of Andrew Benson’s article last night read “US F1 have no chance of attending the first few races even if the FIA does give them permission to miss them. They have no race team – only a team manager and a single mechanic – and all the suppliers have been put on hold. The team’s employees have been paid up to the end of last month, but are waiting nervously to see whether their salaries will be paid on schedule on Friday.

“Sources have told BBC Sport that hopefuls Stefan Grand Prix will almost certainly be given the slot vacated by US F1.”

There is still no word from Charlie Whiting’s inspection of the Charlotte based outfit’s headquarters, although Andrew Benson paints an even bleaker picture than one we had already suspected. There seems to be differing opinions as to how many staff there really are on the shop floor.

We’re still waiting for a decision Mr. Todt…


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