Stefan GP Expects

Mr. Stefanovic with John Howett (left)

Stefan GP has announced that it is expecting to recieve confirmation this week as to whether or not it will race in 2010.

Speaking to Reuters, Mr. Stefanovic said, “Definitely, we are waiting for something to happen because the time is very short and the deadline for Bahrain is approaching. If you are going to Bahrain you have to be packed by next Wednesday and we think we will be able to reach something by then.”

Asked if the team could join F1 later in the year, he added: “Technically it’s possible but we are going to be in Bahrain. We are not saying it’s for sure, but we are looking forward to it.”

Regarding last weeks cancelled test of the Stefan GP SF-01 car, Mr. Stefanovic said, “We have been unable to get the Formula One tyres because the FIA and Formula One have a contract stipulating that only the teams that are already in Formula One can get the Bridgestone tyres. We believe the FIA has to release the proper tyres to us for safety reasons. We expect it to happen and we have very good faith that it is going to happen.”

Mr. Stefanovic also shed light on the Jacques Villeneuve deal, stating “It’s not happened yet but everything except his signature had been done. Probably in the next two or three days, we will be reaching some sort of an agreement.”

Speaking about the impact a Serbian Formula One team will have on the country, Mr Stefanovic said, “”The impact will be huge and a lot of people in Serbia don’t realise that yet. The positive image of Serbia being a part of Formula One is something any country would wish for, so it’s a plus one way or another. Also, it’s a huge opportunity to get into high-tech business.”

With the news coming yesterday that the FIA is to inspect the USF1 factory in a bid to find out if the Charlotte based team are ready to complete in any of the races in 2010.

As I have said previously, don’t expect Jacques to sign until it has been confirmed that Stefan GP have been given a slot on the 2010 grid. He is probably keeping his options open with another chance to race at Le Mans, chasing the triple crown of the Indy 500, F1 World Championship and Le Mans, not achieved since Graham Hill.


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