FIA Inspect USF1 Toaster Factory…

USF1 Toaster

If you haven’t seen these, then you should click on the link and watch’s excellent satirical take on the USF1’s shambolic effort to make the 2010 Formula One grid.

Now, according to Adam Cooper’s excellent and informative blog, the boys on the factory floor are to immortalise’s videos and are hard at work manufacturing the first F1 toaster. “Short of anything else to do related to their F1 car some team members are said to be working on the composite moulds for the prototype toaster, which if true at least demonstrates that the guys on the shop floor have a sense of humour.”

Yesterday was Charlie Whiting’s inspection of the Charlotte USF1 factory and all eyes are eager to read Mr. Whiting’s report. Adam Cooper’s sources stated that his visit lasted for 4 hours while Peter Windsor was said not to have been present. Indeed, he has been missing in action for the last few days.

Adam Cooper also reports that talks between Chad Hurley and the new Campos Meta team have broken down without a deal being reached. “It’s also been suggested that negotiations between Chad Hurley’s representative Parris Mullins and the new Campos management have not led to a satisfactory resolution. When asked for a comment, Colin Kolles told this blog, ‘We’ll see….’ If Hurley has given up on Campos then a deal with Stefan – which could yet involve a merger with/takeover of the US F1 entry – could yet come to pass.”

The idea of a merger has been speculated over the last few days. The question is, exactly what assets do USF1 have to merge with? Stefan GP have a car, engine and drivers, with just Jacques appearing to be taking his time sharpening his pencil. The only thing worth a grain of salt at the Charlotte factory is the golden ticket of two 2010 grid slots, both being wide enough to fit a Formula One car. The Stefan S-01 would fit nicely into one of those, no?

If USF1 are thrown out of the 2010 Championship and the grid slot is opened up for this year, then the bidding process will start all over again, with Stefan GP being the only entrant that is able to race in Bahrain in March.

Tighten your seatbelts, it’s going to an interesting few days.


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