FIA to Inspect USF1

Autopsport have announced the FIA’s intention to inpect USF1’s readiness to compete in the 2010 season. The FIA are intending a detailed look into the teams’ activities to see if the Charlotte based outfit have any chance of making it onto the new season’s grid.

It is understood that FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting  is making an unannounced visit to the Charlotte factory to get a first hand look at the teams progress. Autosport were unable to get a confirmation that this visit was going ahead. “We have no comment to make, at this stage” a spokesperson unsurprisingly said.

It is unclear as to whether Mr. Whiting will be judging the teams ability to make it to Bahrain in just under 2 weeks time or whether the FIA have accepted USF1’s request to start their season at the Spanish Grand Prix in May and whether this will be the basis of the FIA’s evaluation.

It will be interesting to see what they find…or probably what they won’t find. More likely they’ll find a group of Motor Racing and Engineering enthusiasts working hard after being mugged into believing that the two monkeys running the operation were genuine…


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