Ferrari Rants at “Serbian Vultures”

Anyone who read this on Monday morning over their breakfast will have been struck by several things. a) The poetic language involved. (Translated from the evocative language of Italian no doubt.) b) The part commentary part satire of the piece, and c) Calling Stefan GP “Vultures.”

Now hang on a minute Mr. Horse Whisperer. After such an elegant and fluid opening statements, each sentence as profound as it is packing its punch, you have to ruin it by comparing Stefan GP to a species of bird that circles it’s dying pry then scavenging off its dead remnants. Stefan GP are by no means circling USF1 or previously Campos Meta. They are mearly pressuring the FIA into admitting it’s mistake by letting in these two teams on to the 2010 grid. Mr. Stefanovic and his team are passionate about racing it’s Serbian Red cars, just the same as Mr. Ferrari was all those years ago, racing his Italian Red cars.

“This is the legacy of the holy war waged by the former FIA president. The cause in question was to allow smaller teams to get into Formula 1. This is the outcome: two teams will limp into the start of the championship, a third is being pushed into the ring by an invisible hand – you can be sure it is not the hand of Adam Smith – and, as for the fourth, well, you would do better to call on Missing Persons to locate it.”

Max Mosley

As you so rightly point out, it was Max Mosley’s vendetta against the manufacturers that he and Bernie, only a decade ago,  actively encouraged into Formula One. Now the FIA will not admit their mistake and say that their validation process for the new teams was not up to scratch. If they did admit that they were wrong, then it would be seen as a serious back pedal and this would give FOTA leverage in any other decision that the FIA is trying to reach and some serious questions will be raised about past,  present and new ones.

Mr. Stefanovic & Mike Coughlan

There is also mention of Mike Coughlan, the ex-McLaren employee as the centre of the 2007 spy-scandal.

James Allen on his excellent blog sums up the Ferrari and McLaren mood perfectly. “Ferrari, like McLaren, cannot bear to see the grinning face of Mike Coughlan on the Stefan GP website. Coughlan was the man at the heart of the Spy Scandal two years ago and for Stefan to hire and parade him is surely unacceptable to both teams.”

The Stefan Grand Prix blog does feel a little uncomfortable with the appointment of Mr. Coughlan, whose name has been tarnished forever in the eyes of the F1 world. One can’t imagine the reception that he will have if he is part of the Stefan GP travelling team. On the flip side of the argument, if he has done his time and served his punishment, then you can’t say that he shouldn’t be able to use his expertise and skills in the industry he worked before. I can’t seem to make my mind up about that dilemma.

The Stefan Grand Prix Blog would also like to pick fault with another statement you have made Mr. Horse Whisperer. “…two teams will limp into the start of the championship.” Here, we would like to defend Virgin and Lotus F1 for making it to the third test with highly developed cars that are actually working. They may be a little bit off the pace but at least they have made it. Lotus F1 actually had LESS time that USf1 and Campos Meta, and yet they still made it.

Lay off them in the future would you please. Don’t be such a bully.



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  1. This is an interesting blog you have her but I can’t seem to find the RSS subscribe button.

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