Stefan GP all fired up!

In a telephone interview this morning, Zoran Stefanovic confirmed that in the early hours of a European winters morning, the Stefan Grand Prix SF01 car was successfully fired up. The car was fired up in the former Toyota factory in Cologne, Germany, were Stefan Grand Prix is developing the stillborn Toyota 2010 chassis.

Mr. Stefanovic

“This morning, 19 February 2010, was another stepping stone for Stefan Grand Prix, ” said Mr. Stefanovic. “This morning at 8:00, the first car – Stefan 01 – was fired up for the first time. The car ran faultlessly, there was no problem whatsoever, and we could race or test on a racetrack, but we’re just waiting for tyres.”

It is interesting that Bridgestone are yet to confirm where they will supply any tyres to Stefan GP as they are not an FIA approved team and therefore, Bridgestone are not obliged to provide them with any tyres at all. This could put a dampener on the test that Stefan GP are planning for the 25th of February in Portugal track. On the possibility of using GP2 tyres, Mr. Stefanovic said “What we have at the moment is an answer from Bridgestone that they are only supplying to teams which are participating in Formula 1, but we are positive that they may supply GP2 tyres.”

Regarding the colour scheme, Mr. Stefanovic said that the car was decked out in all-Serbian red.  Currently, there are no sponsors logos on the cars but he assured fans that “…It will, but at the moment it’s not yet on the car. We will prepare it for the presentation completely.”

While there may be a few sniggers and looks down noses to Stefan Grand Prix, all the signs indicate that they are more serious and more advanced in their efforts than Campos Meta or USF1 could ever dream about. Here’s hoping we see that Serbian Red on the Bahrain track in March!


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