Is Jacques back? Nakajima confirmed!

Today’s telephone interview with Zoran Stefanovic has revealed many details regarding the Stefan Grand Prix team, with revelations of the technical and engineering geographical setup and answering the question on most people’s lips. Who will driver the Serbian Red SF01?

1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve

“At the moment we have to say that we are very near. We are very near to a contract with Jacques Villeneuve, and probably also with another driver as our reserve driver. But the first one which will be with us is Kazuki Nakajima.” Mr Stefanovic said this morning.

The Stefan Grand Prix Blog speculated a few weeks ago that Kazuki Nakajima would be the first driver confirmed, but there is some surprise that Jacques Villeneuve’s name is mentioned at being close to confirmation. Those who remember Martin Brundle’s gridwark at Monaco last year will recall Jacques’ interest in getting back into Formula One since the reintroduction of slick tyres.

Jacques reputation was somewhat tarnished during his BAR and Sauber years but he regained a little respect with his drives in the first half of 2006 for BMW. Those who remember the Australian Grand Prix of that year in the dark hours of a Sunday morning will recall the consistent and attacking drive from 19th on the grid to finish 6th.  Other solid performances with regular point scoring showed a Jacques Villeneuve not seen since his championship hunting days of 96-97.

After his crash at the German Grand Prix that year, it was the perfect excuse that Dr. Mario Theissen needed to promote the man himself and BMW had a crush on , Robert Kubica, to Jacques race seat. The writing was on the wall and Jacques was sacked several days later.

So, it would appear that this time the Eastern European racing community is back to rescue Jacques rather than sending him off into oblivion (ie NASCAR)

Here’s hoping that all signatures are on the correct dotted time.

PS. Can you tell that this blog writer has a soft spot for Jacques? But, if it had Mark Webber signing for Stefan GP, I would certainly start to believe that dreams can come true…


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