Who Will Drive For Stefan GP?

A question that is on everybody’s lips. Well, on everyone who is interested in F1 at least. Rumours are flying over the inter-web as to who the two lucky people will be. “But hang on a second Mr. Blog-man. How can they drive if Stefan GP hasn’t got a grid slot?” Well, all I can say is “didn’t you read Murray’s words in the first post?”

Stefan GP has announced that it will be testing the Stefan S-01 at the new and challenging Portuguese circuit at Portimao from the 25th – 28th of February. It is there that it will present its car it hopes to complete in 2010.

The first name that is being thrown into the ring is Kazuki Nakajima the Former Williams driver and Toyota protégé. This is the conclusion that most observers are drawing after an announcement from Stefan GP stating “First driver has already two years in F1…” This would be a sensible to choose as Stefan GP is receiving technical support from Toyota. Perhaps a cynic would say that Nakajima was part of the deal with Toyota.

For the second seat, Ralf Schumacher has been linked recently over the last few days, getting the approval of Bernie Eccelstone. Ralf has confirmed that he is in talks with the Stefan F1 management, although from his statement, it doesn’t seem clear as to who contacted who first. “Mr. Stefanovic makes a very serious and purposeful impression,” he told Bild newspaper. “I have noticed that he is interested in me but I will say no more at the moment because there is nothing more to say. Whether this will become an actual option remains to be seen.”

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…


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